Serial No: ED329 Mark: I Known Op’s: 4

Nickname: None Traced Service

History: 207 Sqn del’d 2-12-42 EM-T, 617 Sqn del’d 27-3-43 (training only prior to Dam’s Raid retained EM-T), 57 Sqn del’d 9-3-5-43 DX-?, SOC 16-5-43

Listed As: Shot Down

Date: 13 May 1943

Target/Tasking: Duisburg SOC/Crash Site: Maasniel, Holland


16-4-43: Cat. Ac – repair on site, repaired by CRO, returned to 617 Sqn 23-4-43

12/13-5-43: Take off 2359 Scampton. Part of a force of 572 aircraft – 238 Lancasters, 142 Halifaxes, 70 Stirlings, 112 Wellingtons, 10 Mosquitoes, tasked to attack Duisburg. This was the fourth time during the Battle of the Ruhr that Bomber Command had attacked this target; with the first three raids being considered only partially successful. Pathfinder marking on this occasion was considered to be near perfect and resulted in a highly concentrated attack being carried out by the main force. Local reports state that the center as well and the dock areas just off of the River Rhine were severely damaged and list 1,596 buildings totally destroyed, 21 barges and 13 other ships totalling 8,91 tons were sunk with a further 60 ships totalling 41,000 tons being damaged. Four of the August Thyssen steel factories are also listed as damaged and this did not include the massive about of collateral damage to roofs and windows throughout the city. Post raid reports by Bomber Command stated that it was felt that this target no longer required further attack during the current serious of Ruhr attacks. 34 aircraft, 5.94 percent of the force were lost – 10 Lancasters, 9 Halifaxes, 5 Stirlings, 10 Wellingtons. The aircraft was shot down by a night-fighter and crashed 0305 at Maasniel (Limburg), Holland. Those of the crew that died are buried in the Jonkerbos War Cemetery. At the time of its loss the aircraft had accumulated a total of 141.55 hours on its airframe.  Crew Names: F/O V.A. Wilson +; Sgt. S. Laughlin +; P/O J.D. Wallace +; Sgt. P.G. Kehl pow; Sgt. R.B. Loverseed +; Sgt. A. Steel +; Sgt. C.L. Gerding, RCAF + Serial No. ED329 Mark: I Known Op’s: 4 Legend: No Symbol = Survived + = Killed, pow = Prisoner Of War, EVD = Evaded Capture, inj = Injured in Accident ^ = Baled Out Over England, int = Interned In Neutral Country Crew Positions: Pilot, Flight Engineer,Navigator, Bomb Aimer, Wireless Op. M/U Gunner, Rear Gunner  Part of the fourth production batch of 620 aircraft (being the final part of Contract No. B69247 and Works Order No. 7671) built by A.V.Roe & Co. Ltd., Newton Heath, Manchester. ED303-ED334, ED347-ED396, ED408-ED453, ED467-ED504, ED520-ED569, ED583-ED631, ED645-ED668, ED688-ED737, ED749-ED786, ED799-ED842, ED856- ED888, ED904-ED953, ED967-ED999, EE105-EE150 and EE166-EE202 (135 Mk.Is, annotated; remainder Mk.III’s). Deliveries commenced 11-42; completed 6-43 (average production rate 25 aircraft per week) Production Data: